Some Changes Coming for the 2012 Season

I’m not going to rant about the PIAA and the WPIAL tonight I promise. I’m sure I’m going to rant about both sometime in the near future.

I plan on expanding my content next season. I’m going to post more on Washington County Schools but at the same time expect my traditional 3-4 Clairton blogs.

There are a few reasons for me expanding my content. The main reason for the change is that I need to know 2A-4A football as much as I do 1A football. And there is no better way than gathering that knowledge blogging these local schools in the area.

Now if I have the availability on Friday Nights, I’d like to cover some games as well. So I may have to step up my interview skills and figure out ways to get a media pass.

So between now and August I have to do some studying on Canon-Mac, Trinity, Washington, Peters Township, Avella, and so on.

This blog has been an overwhelming success and I thank you guys. Its totally natural to expand my content.

One thing though, I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to do every week just yet. Maybe a preview Wednesday and a week in review on Sunday with Clairton content in between.

Thanks for reading making this blog as successful as it has been.


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