What to Expect for the 2012 Realignment

Expect to see 3 Conferences of 9 teams in Class’s 4A and 3A, 3 Conferences of 9 teams and 1 8 team Conference, and in Class A, expect to see 3 Conferences of 9 teams and 1 Ten team Conference.

I’m hearing from too many people, from coach’s and media types, that there will be a major shift in Class A. I saw different configurations and as always, I totally hate them all. One has Clairton in the Eastern Conference with the likes of W. Shamokin and Apollo Ridge-talking about driving a distance. Another I saw wast Clairton in a Mon-Yough like league w/ the likes of Brentwood, Monessen, Frazier, and Geibel.

For Wash County Fans; I really don’t know what to expect to be honest. Canon-Mac and Peters Township looks to be in a southern based Conference with Mt. Lebo, Baldwin, maybe McKeesport or Pittsburgh Central Catholic.

Trinity looks to be in a league with Thomas Jefferson, Ringold and teams as far away as Albert Gallatin and Uniontown.

In one form or another Char Houston and Fort Cherry fans expect to lose Clairton as a conference member and gain at least Bishop Canevin and even possibly Western Beaver.

I really haven’t seen 2A projections so I really can’t speak on that.

You yinzers ready for my typical anti-WPIAL rant!!!

Here’s my problem with 3A and 4A going to just 3 Conferences of 9 teams, and its simple. This just feels so archaic to me. While the rest of the nation is promoting big time games, we’re only having games within our District. No doubt that there are some fine matchups on the horizon, but come on. I want to see Pittsburgh Central Catholic play against the likes of Louisville Trinity or Don Bosco Prep. I want to see Central Valley play against a Stuebenville or Cincinnati Colerain and so on.

This area’s old school ways just drives me insane. We totally need “new blood” within the combines of the WPIAL with fresh new idea’s. Why not have spring football? Why not have smaller leagues and more conferences? Why not vote Yes for 5 Class’s or even 6? The league is simply moving backyards and not forward and its sad, quite sad.


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