Thoughts on the 2012/13 Realignment

A part of me is just laughing inside. Really I am. Its mostly because, you can see this coming a mile away. 4A has 2 Conferences Nine teams 1 of Eight Teams and 3A has 3 Nine Team Conferences. This is simply the WPIAL moving backyards instead of forwards. Other than having 3 Conferences I really don’t have any issues of the current alignment in 3A and 4A.

In 2A you see Washington move back into the Interstate Conference but check this, McGuffey will be in the Century. Where is the logic here? Washington and McGuffey are within 10 minutes of each other down I70.

In 1A its really a total disgrace. Even coach’s are upset and totally shocked. Check this, the newly formed Foothills Conference hosts 7 of last years 16 playoff participants. In case you haven’t seen this league yet, here is the Foothills Conference: Clairton, Bishop Canevin, Fort Cherry, Chartiers-Houston, Monessen, California, Brentwood, Imani Christian, Carlynton, and Serra Catholic. And here’s the kicker, Imani Christian-located at the old East Hills Elementary School- won’t be a walk in the park for any of these schools. They should’ve been place in he Eastern Conference, to be honest.

Competively speaking I don’t even see how this will help Beth Center at all. Being serious, I expect them to run through the Tri County South with relative ease, just to get blown out in the first round of the playoffs. If people thought this league was weak before, no one seen anything yet. Really if anyone thinks this newest edition of the TCS deserves more than 2 playoff spots is kidding themselves.

The Big 7 and Eastern actually makes sense both geographically and competitively so I really don’t have any complaints other than the fact that Imani Christian makes far more sense to have been placed in the Eastern rather than the Foothills.

I’m just so shocked at this display of incompetence that I really can’t rant on anymore because I’m just that speechless right now.


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