If There is a Time for Pitt to Bring Back the “Script” it is NOW

I remember as a youngster watching the Pitt with those Mustard Yellow and Blue uniforms and thinking how hideous they was. But at that time I was just a kiddo not realizing that those uni’s was the identity of the program since the 70’s.

There are winds of change hovering the football program indeed.  Pitt has a new Head Coach in Paul Chryst(former OC at Wisconsin), and 2013 or 14 Pitt will be playing its first season in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

So even I must admit that the uni’s, that I really didn’t like as a kid, needs to return.

I’m not totally sure the old color scheme needs to return, but I think the “Script” with the current Gold and Blue would be more than appropriate.

These uni’s means so much to the fan base and they are a direct link to the “Glory Years” of the Late 70’s-Early 80’s.

Its time to bring them back, and this is pretty much a “now or never” type scenario.

Do what is right Steve Pederson, you are the Athletic Director. You are aware of these sweeping changes.

Pics found at http://www.operationsports.com/forums/ncaa-teambuilder-forum/322458-official-tb-created-teams-thread-16.html


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