WVU Heads to Big XII, Leaves Pitt’s Schedule in Shambles

There’s a lot to be upset about right now if you’re Steve Pederson.

Last Summer the BE Football schools was told to get rid of an OOC Game-in Pitt’s case, a home game against Central Florida- to make room for Texas Christian University. Texas Christian eventually moved to the Big XII and allowed to leave for the 2012 season also.

And now this; WVU is paying 11M while the Big XII is paying 9M so that WVU enter the Big XII on July 1, 2012.

West Virginia leaving costs Pitt yet another home game, and even more lost revenue via TV and the gate.

Right now there are some games out there that are available but there are zero guarantees that they will be home games. Plus replacing TCU and/or WVU with a Maine, and/or Duquesne is, as we said in the Navy, UNSAT.

So now what Big East, you just cost Pitt & the other Big East schools Millions by just letting TCU and WVU leave early. The only school out of the Big East prospects that makes up for the loss is Boise State. Use that 20M to bring them in early, even leave a phat tip for the MWC & WAC if you want.

I’ve heard the rumors and seen some quotes that Pitt & Syrause may just end up in the Atlantic Coast Conference, which actually cures some of our scheduling woes. Personally I almost think its too late in the game to file suit ourselves for damages.

I guess we’ll see in the coming days/weeks if the precedent is set by the 20M settlement/buyout by WVU and Pitt ultimately pays 20M to leave. But at the same time Pederson hinted that Pitt won’t pay more than 5M to leave.

Right now, I’m going to pop my popcorn and watch this drama unfold.

EDIT: there is a lot of smoke that Boise State may replace WVU on the Big East Schedule. If this is fact or not that remains to be seen.


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