Realignment Shakeup: A New Conference Emerges and Its Ramifications

Its been crazy to see the twists and turns of realignment. Geography has appeared to been thrown out the window, and we’ve even seen scheduling agreements like the Pac 12 and Big 10’s come into being. And on top of this, we’ve seen 2 conferences go past the 12 teams standard for a Conference Championship Game.

All of this leads us to the most current move, the MWC-CUSA merger.

The 2 leagues, after losing teams to the Pac 12, Big East, and Independence, decides it was better to merger rather than back fill with MAC, Sun Belt, or WAC schools.

This does make total sense because the Presidents, Chancellors, and Athletic Directors, of each school in the MWC and CUSA felt this is the best route to keep up with the other 6 conferences in creating a league that spans from North Carolina to Hawaii.

Where things get interesting is that this new conference plans to have anywhere between 18 and 24 schools, and plans to have a possibly have a pod divisional format and a 4 team playoff as a result of the pods.

For this playoff to happen the conference will more than likely attempt to acquire a waiver from the NCAA to have a 14 week season.(I have seen difference ways to achieve a playoff but I think this is the easiest way)

Now in this world of making the most money, you can take this to the bank, conferences like the SEC, and ACC will be watching this new leagues pod format and possible playoff format very closely.

Just think about a 4 team playoff in the SEC real quick… Imagine how big of a deal it would be to see LSU vs South Carolina and Alabama vs Georgia and the winners would then meet in Atlanta for the SEC Title Game this past season.

And for this scenario to happen the money must be right. But then again adding teams to get to 16 adds inventory for the Networks and the 4 team playoff will add 2 more games that will generate very high ratings.

Also not saying the green flag on this race to 16 will drop tomorrow either. I think we could see the path get paved in that direction during the next round of Bowl Realignment and TV Deals.

I wish this new conference the best of luck, but don’t be surprised if you’re opening a whole new can of worms that will bite you in the real 5, 10, or 15 years from now when the next round of shakeups happen.

In other news, WVU will indeed joined the Big XII on July 1st of this year, and the Big East is willing to negotiate with Pitt and Syracuse on an earlier exit date for both schools. Its looking like 1 of these 2 scenarios will take place for the Big East this upcoming fall; either Boise State or another school will enter the Big East early, or we could see home and homes throughout the Big East with 1 school scrambling to find another OOC game. Will be interesting to see this go down in the coming days/weeks.


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