Enough of this 4 Team Playoff Nonsense

Its pretty clear that none of these so called BCS Commissioners can agree on the proper 4 team alignment. Its pretty simple to know why too. Not every conference champion is truly worthy or good enough to compete for a 4 team playoff and some argue that a 2nd place team shouldn’t be picked over a conference champion. I get both sides of this argument.

Here’s the kicker, the Bowl games have so much history and tradition and these commissioners loves their traditions right. So why did the Big XII and SEC practically give up so many years of tradition when they formed their Champions Bowl a little over a week ago. Most years their teams will be in the 4 team playoff, and that Bowl game will more than likely be between the 2nd Place team of Both Conferences. There may be a slim chance that this game hosts a first round playoff game if the powers at be chooses the Bowl Game option.

So what is the best option here? Truthfully I don’t know.

I will say that the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Big East needs to work together to try to get this to be an 8 team Playoffs, or even a 16 team playoff(but that’s very unlikely)

Now, the best way to set this up is 4 or 5 conference champions get auto qualifiers(AQ) while the other 3 or 4 are Wildcards.

First Round use highest rated teams home sites. In the Second Round use sites; such as Indianapolis, Detroit, New Orleans, Detroit, and other possible sites with a Dome/Retractable Roof stadium. Championship Game will rotate between the Current 4 BCS Games + Cotton Bowl.

Some years, you could see as many as 6 conference champions battling it out for a National Title. How great would that be for Conference Pride. And lets face it, if Bowl Games are pretty much being moved out of the equation now, lets totally get rid of the old and more onto better things.

Trust me I totally understand that we’re not going to see an 8 team playoff anytime soon. But doesn’t it feel like all of these proposals are simple a  half assed approach. And I do know this has more to do with exclusion, rather than inclusion.

In the coming months, the winds of change will finally reveal itself. Everyone will find a compromise. But at the end of the day, there will be School Presidents and Commissioners unhappy with the decision.


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