Time for a Change at the Top at Char Houston

With this blog I’m not only thinking as a football fan I’m thinking as a taxpayer of a community and school district.

Chartiers Houston has spent Millions in upgrading its facilities. No I haven’t seen every single Class A or even Class AA stadium in the WPIAL, but I’ve seen enough to know that Chartiers Houston’s Buccaneer Stadium is one of the nicest Small School Stadiums in the WPIAL.

It has a Field Turf field, a brand new Gym extension that includes a concession stand, locker rooms, and rest rooms for football.

With these investments, that tells me as a taxpayer that the school is committed to winning on the field. I don’t expect WPIAL Championships, or even Conference Championships. What I do expect is a team that puts forth 100% and leaves everything on the field every night. And truthfully I’m not seeing that.

What I am seeing is a team that commits penalties at key moments in games, a team that simply finds ways to lose when the game is on the line. I just may be out of line and the team plays up to the competition but doesn’t have enough to win these games.

But when you see a defense hold Justin Vickless of Brentwood to 40 yards, and dominate their offense for 46.29 of the game. Just to see Brentwood march down the field in 1:31 to tie the game at 7, there is a problem with coaching and it starts with Head Coach Terry Fetsko.

That is just one example of Chartiers Houston falling short over the past 2-3 seasons. Time and time again the Tetsko’s teams either hold leads late in the game only to lose, or they have a chance to win or tie in the final moments and fail to lose.

The Bucs are 1-4 and lost by a combined 17 points to Brentwood, Imani, Canevin, and Clairton. Each of those games but Clairton did the Bucs have a true chance of winning. When a team is 1-4 and is a play or 3 away from 4-1 or even 5-0, there is a problem with coaching.

Due to buckling when the games mattered most, this squad will not make the playoffs this season, and that’s HC Fetsko’s fault.

Losing games within 1 score has been a common theme with the Bucs even last season. Against both Brentwood and Canevin, the Bucs held 4th Q leads only to lose.

Being competitive is great, but if the coaching staff hasn’t learned how to finish each of the past 6 close games, what makes me think they’ll learn how to beat quality teams in the future?

Its very obvious that Coach Fetsko must go. The taxpayers, fans, players, and parents better than this.

I can’t and won’t propose where the new coach should come from. But my simple answer is to buy one. The school obviously has the money & tax revenue or these facility upgrades would’ve never happened in the first place. That in itself would make Chartiers Houston’s job an attractable one.


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