NY Times Article on Avella

Can anyone argue with how awesome the Avella story is. Its one of the best turn around stories since I started following HS football on a regular basis. The closest story to this was Montour’s true “Return to Glory” a few years after their miseries was displayed on ESPN and was coached by Dick Butkus for a season.

I for one hopes that Avella continues their current success for years to come and becomes a Class A Powerhouse.

Here’s the NYT’s article: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/05/sports/avella-high-school-in-pennsylvania-regains-football-pride.html?_r=1

My problem with the article is that it took away from the Avella’s current success and made it out to be like Clairton was close to being a 2A school in enrollment with 180+ kids and dressed 60 kids a game.

Here’s the facts, the past few seasons Clairton routinely dressed 25-20 kids a game and only has an enrollment of 108 boys(19 boys larger than Avella). In enrollment Clairton is ranked #8 with only Monessen(99 Boys) and Imani(46 boys) as smaller schools than Clairton.  Carlynton is #1 with 182, Chartiers Houston is #2 with 162, Fort Cherry is #3 with 155, Brentwood is #4 with 150, Bishop Canevin is #5 with 141, California is #6 with 136, Serra Catholic is #7 with 133, and finally Clairton, Monessen, and Imani.

Despite the myths, the Tri County South isn’t exactly that much smaller in terms of enrollment than the Blackhills. Yes Avella has 89 Boys, and Mapletown(68 Boys) and Geibel Catholic(46 Boys) are both smaller than Avella. Beth Center has 166, Bentworth has 162, Frazier has 147, West Greene has 138, Jefferson Morgan has 134, Carmichaels has 124 followed by Avella, Mapletown, and Geibel Catholic.

This isn’t an enrollment issue. If it where, Bentworth, Carlynton, and Chartiers Houston would be powerhouses while Clairton and Monessen would be bottom feeders. This is a competition issue.

Society to me is a bunch of thin skinned whiners. Anytime anyone or any team achieves any kind of success, someone tries to bring them down.

If everyone is tired of Clairton winning, instead of being fearful(as this article indicated), or cry about the current run. These schools, with larger enrollments, larger roster sizes, more resources than Clairton needs to do something about it. They need to work harder in the off season, and/or hire better coaches.

Its sad that an article that was supposed to promote the Avella Eagle’s success get ruined by a Clairton remark. And to me that ruined the sole purpose of what could’ve been a great article.


2 responses to “NY Times Article on Avella

  1. Hold up, dude. You’re telling me this Clairton HS, which has the nations longest winning streak, has 108 male students TOTAL? Damn, that’s pretty impressive. Sick actually! It varies by state, but what class/division are they in, and what’s top tier?

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