Clairton Bears Football Facebook “Open Letter to the Media”

I’m also curious about this. I’ll never say that Clairton players are angels, but the media does seem to point the finger in Clairton’s general direction every time there is an incident.  It takes to to tango, and that there times where Clairton players are provoked. But those schools/teams are never shown in the same negative light as Clairton. Why is that?

Here is the latest negative article that struck accord with the Clairton Community.

Without further ado, here is that letter as seen on the Clairton Bears Facebook Page.

An open letter to the media:

5 WPIAL titles in 6 years. 3 PIAA state titles in a row. A nation leading 54 game winning streak. Speed that is unmatched even at the quad A level. We are one of the top programs in the country right now and you report on us because you have to, our success on the field wont let you ignore us. Even still, if this were any other program in the WPIAL putting up the

types of numbers and stats that we are, we would be reading about them on a daily basis…you wouldnt be able to get enough. And lets face it, the stuff that you report isnt ground breaking, earth shattering hard journalism…its common sense fluff that anyone watching can see.

The job of a journalist is to investigate and report events, issues and trends to a broad audience without bias or judgement. You had no problem doing that job when you discussed someone breaking into the Bentworth locker room during a game at Clairton. You had no problem doing that job when you embarrassed one of our student athletes when he got upset and left at halftime of a game last season…you also had no problem doing that job when you reported about one of our students hitting a Bishop Canevin student in the handshake line a few nights ago.

Anything that fits the narrative that Clairton is bad and the teams we play are innocent and good is what you report. How about doing an in-depth look at the penalty disparity between Clairton and our opponents over the last decade and beyond? How about reviewing game tapes and looking at the blatent no-calls against our opponents and the phantom calls against Clairton? How about interviewing the head of the officials and the head of the WPIAL to ask them about the way Clairton is treated by the officials and providing them with evidence and first hand accounts by our players and coaches? How about more than one line in an article about the sprinkler incident and our history with Brentwood? How about interviewing our student athletes to hear the stories of racial and ethnic intimidation from opponents, such as what happened during the game Saturday night against Bishop Canevin (and what has happened in the past with a plethora of other teams)?

We have sat here quietly and gone about our business, knowing that every week we have to play the opponent, the ref’s, and to an extent the media. Let me tell you, we are tired of it. It’s time that you guys start doing your jobs. I’ve had conversations with members of the media who have called Clairton “their favorite team” and have said “I bleed black and orange”. Well if that is true then why have you been an accomplice to the way our kids and team have been treated week in and week out for the last decade and beyond? Start reporting both sides of the story, start showing the unjust behavoir we experience everywhere we go, start reporting on the racial slurs used against us against certain teams or stop reporting on us all together.


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