The Twisted World of Politics

Tomorrow will be the “biggest, and most important election of your lifetime”,  just like every election held every 4 years is labeled.

People these days only vote Democrat/Republican and Liberal/Conservative without even knowing the very foundations of those beliefs. People tend to gain their political knowledge first from their parents and then MSNBC and Fox.

People are so polarized that they are not able to list one positive promise “that other guy” is making. Out of 600+ friends only 3 was able to find a positive. And the rest of the discussion somehow went after my political belief’s.

The very basic Conservative definition would be one that wants a smaller Government and a Government that is out of their lives. So how exactly is telling women they don’t have the right to choose, or same-sex marriage staying out of the lives of daily Americans. Conservatives also claim to be “Fiscally Responsible”. How exactly is the failed ‘War on Drugs”, our American Empire, and borrow money Private Bank from the Federal Reserve and pay that interest back via tax revenue exactly Fiscally Conservative.

The American Taxpayer is being screwed by such incompetence by so-called folk that claim they’re something they’re not.

If George W. Bush was a True Conservative then he wouldn’t have expanded Medicare D. He wouldn’t have pushed the idea that banks should loan as much as possible to get the economy going in 02 during the Dot Com bubble. Now granted these are 2 examples.

I could dwell on Liberal hypocrisies but I won’t. Its far too easy to attack the left it’s really not that funny.

One of the biggest misconceptions in todays politics is that if you vote 3rd Party, then you’re wasting your vote. Wasting you vote would be sacrificing your believe’s on issues and voting for someone to either A: get “that other guy out of office” or B: voting for him because he represents your party.

When will the American public get “sick and tired of being sick and tired” of the same old American politics and vote for real change. 51% of the nation doesn’t even like Romney nor Obama. So why aren’t they willing to sent their vote in a different direction such as a 3rd Party. Until the Americans reach that point, it will be the same old same, left-right paradigm.

If you feel Romney or Obama is the right man for the job, so be it. Just don’t attack the Americans that feel that neither are worthy of the job.


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