Notes, 2013, and Digging in

*****You can go from Clairton being too dominant against local competition, to Private schools dominating the larger class’s to the season being too long. Here’s what people needs to do instead of whining. Do something about it. Its now late November, make sure your kids are in the weight rooms preparing for next season. People seem far too jealous of the programs that are successful today. Its starting to get pathetic.

As far as the season being too long, there are too many traditions within the separate  Districts to find a common solution. Therefore, either look at your individual District and figure out which traditions could end for the sake of making PA football even better.

***** Whats up w/ the level of competition in the WPIAL?  Outside of 3-4 programs it seems like the quality of teams drops like a rock. With that said, it seems like the quality of recruits are starting to raise again. Class of 14 has a tremendous group of top not recruits in Washington’s Sha McKenzie, Monessens’s Justice Rawlins, and Aliquippa’s Jaleel Field & Dravon Henry and Sto Rox’s Lenny Williams & Brendan Blair. I know I’m missing a few, but I think next year the gap between the Haves and Have Nots should close a little.

***** Speaking of 2014, Class A could be very wide open next season. Clairton, Sto Rox, Monessen, Neshannock, Brentwood, and others should be in the mix to compete in Heinz Field for the Title. Yes Clairton should be the favorite, even w/ the heavy graduation they’ll be having… its Clairton.

***** Class AA should be very interesting with South Fayette’s Brett Brumbaugh having a full season under his belt. This kid is only going to get better. I know SF loses Chris Challingsworth but Brumbaugh is the real deal and find weapons to throw to. SLS with Luke Brumbaugh should be in the mix in the Century Conferences. I think Greensburg Central Catholic(after having an injury plagued season) should be in the mix with Washington and Jeannette for the Interstate Conference.

***** What could you say negative about Monessen’s run this year. They certainly proved me wrong by finishing 2nd in a very strong Blackhills Conference. I think if Monessen has a great offseason they could certainly be more competitive with Clairton and beat schools like Neshannock. Only time will tell.

**** I really think that the WPIAL should jump on board with the 5 or 6 Class solution. It would really help out with the log jam in the smaller class’s.

I hope everyone had a great 2012 season. There is still football for 4 WPIAL teams in North Allegheny, West Allegheny, Aliquippa, and Clairton. Of those 4 I say Aliqiuppa & Clairton has the best chances of winning their respective class. NA vs Erie McDowell and West Allegheny vs Erie Cathedral Prep should be very interesting games.



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