Clairton vs Aliquippa: Dream Small School Match Up

Every where you go people are talking about this what if match up. People have heated debates on several message boards from Panther Digest to Pantherlair to your various hs message boards like PA Sports Board.

Fans from both schools have a legit argument on why they feel their school would win. Clairton is riding a 60 game winning streak with 5 Straight WPIAL Championships and 3 Straight PIAA Championships. Aliquippa has completely dominated their 2A competition this year raking up an absurd 50.6 to 3.8 average per game.

Lets talk about stars, Clairton has the Killer T’s(Tyler Boyd, Terrish Webb, and Titus Howard and then you sprinkle in Robert Boatwright, Vinny Moody, and Santeaun Sims. Aliquippa would counter with Dravon Henry, Terry Swanson, and Malik Shegog.

Both squads have tremendous offenses & defenses. If they would’ve played I’d figure it to be a 3 TD apiece type game w/ XP’s being the difference.

Lets face it, 1A is very logged jammed and has 0 flexibility to allow for this match up to happen. So in order for this game to happen either Aliquippa has to drop to 1A or Clairton has to opt to play up to 2A. For Aliquippa to drop to 1A, the circumstance would be that they’re not able to compete for PIAA and WPIAL Championships and with the level of competition dropping, I can’t see Aliquippa dropping to 1A anytime soon. So Clairton must play up or this is just the talk that it has been.

Now this question must be raised, despite its enrollment size can Clairton compete for a PIAA and WPIAL Championship at the 2A level? I’m going to say yes they can. Clairton would’ve won the Century and would’ve faced Aliquippa at Heinz Field w/ the 59 game winning streak on the line. And the only state competition I see from the east would’ve been Imhotep Charter. But that’s this season, Clairton losses a ton after this years graduating Class. Moving up would hurt Clairton’s chance to compete for a WPIAL & PIAA Championships in 2013.

So if Clairton isn’t going to opt to play up and Aliquippa won’t drop down, this is simply a dream match up. Fun to talk about because both schools have tremendous traditions. And the only thing that will slow either school down will be them closing unfortunately.

Best of luck to both programs as they proceed through the State Playoffs. I expect both to walk home with State Championships.


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