New Faces, Same Result

Gone are the names of Tyler Boyd, Titus Howard, and Terrish Webb. Clairton simply inserted youth and it provided the same result.

Chartiers Houston won the toss and elected to receive. The Bucs went three and out and it went down hill from there.

The Bears drove down the field and capped it off with a 22 yard end around by Jojuan Bray to go up 6-0 and went for two to make it 8-0. On the ensuing kick off Miles Williamson fumbled and the Bears recovered. Two plays later Bray strikes again on a 30 yard screen pass and the Bears elected to kick the extra point to make the score 15-0.

Both squads traded three and outs before Aaron Matthews found Ryan Williams for the 30 yard TD strike and stretched it to 23-0.

The Bucs go three and out then James Hines muffs the punt to set up Chartiers Houston inside the Bears side of the field. The Bucs then go four and out.

Clairton proceeds to drive down the field and scored on a Lamonte Wade 13 yard run and the XP was blocked to make the score 29-0.

The mercy rule was put into effect at the 3:58 mark of the 3rd Q when Wade passed the ball on an end around to Matthews.

Matthews finished 4-7 for 96 yards.

Saying it’s a dawn of an era is an understatement. The Bears will not only get better but they’re a force to be reckoned with now.


3 responses to “New Faces, Same Result

  1. Again, more senseless BABBLE from a crackhead with a little bit of knowledge and can read the newspaper. You’ll go far with your degree Joey. Just remember the following saying and you’ll go fa. “Would you like fries with your order?” LOL

    • I hate comments like this…nothing bother me more than arrogance. Not to mention talking down to someone just because. You want someone to compare yourself to you compare me and my company. I don’t have a degree Ed, does that put me under you? You don’t need a peace of paper in order to have dignity and respect – two things you obviously lack with posting something like this. If you think this is babble – the adult thing to do would be to simply not read it I’m sure Joey won’t mind…not cyber bully like a 5th grader. Grow up.

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