Ground N’ Pound



What’s that old yinzer saying again? Grawnd n pawnd, and 3 yards and a cloud of dust. Here’s a quick sample of Pitt’s play calling from last Saturday against the Delaware Hens: Run Right, Run Left, Run up the middle! 

The running game amassed a total of 409 yards on 56 carries in the 62-0 drubbing of Delaware, and it was so effective that an injured Tyler Boyd (dislocated pinky) and the passing game wasn’t needed. 

The keynote play of the game wasn’t even a James Conner or Chris James TD run. The play to look at is the sneak by backup QB Trey Anderson. It wasn’t so much what Anderson did, it was how hard the offensive line pushed Delaware’s defensive line off the line of scrimmage. Although that play was ran against an FCS school like Delaware, that’s the time of play other opponents should surely take note of. 

Quite simply, Pitt’s going to punch you in the mouth with the running game and has the offensive line to do so. 

Before we get ahead of ourselves, this was against Delaware and the offensive line won’t be as dominant against ACC opponents. 

At the same time, you have to be amazed what Pitt accomplished. There has been many times in the past where Pitt played down to the competition they face and ended up squeaking out a victory or even losing. 

What was seen this past week was diabolical in nature. Delaware just simply didn’t have an answer on either side of the ball. It Pitt is going to be able to run like this against their Coastal Division rivals, then watch out, Pitt just may have a special season on it’s hands. 

Next up: at Boston College 7:00 PM on ESPN

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