Does Chryst Stay or Does He Go?

The second Oregon State announced that they hired former Wisconsin Head Coach Gary Anderson as their new Head Coach the social media and talk shows went ablaze.

Pitt fans have every right to be a little paranoid considering the epic failures of Pitt football since Dave Wannstedt resigned on December 7th 2010, plus Head Coach Paul Chryst is a native of Wisconsin, played football at Wisconsin and he started his coaching career at Wisconsin.

Let’s face it, Paul Chryst is a Wisconsin man, and maybe going home could be the right thing for him, and then again, perhaps he stays. There is one thing to remember, his daughter attends Pitt and he’s made Pittsburgh a second home.

Could that be enough to entice him to stay?

If I’m Paul Chryst I’m using this as an opportunity to force the admin of Pitt to feed more money into his coaching staff, and earn a contract extension. That doesn’t mean that needs to fire DC Matt House, for example, either. Just that there needs to be some upgrades on the staff.

If he is indeed heading home, we’re likely to be finding out the breaking news before Monday, if not sooner. Does he really need to be interviewed? Barry Alvarez (Wisconsin AD) was the Head Coach of Wisconsin when Chryst was starting his coaching career. Alvarez went above and beyond to help get the coaching gig for Chryst at Pitt.

Chryst is building a solid program at Pitt, from the bottom up; however, his overall resume isn’t exactly impressive, going 19-19 in three seasons.

Lets say he takes the Wisconsin job, what is next for Pitt?

A guy like current Pitt OC Joe Rudulph has to make some sense. He’s from Pittsburgh, and he adds some continuity to help keep the current recruiting class together. An outside option could be former Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini.

Personally, I don’t think Paul Chryst is going anywhere. But if he does, asking Athletic Director to lead another coaching search just may be too much to ask.



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