President Obama Is In a No-Win Situation

Credit to BBC for the image

So President Obama sent a Bill to Congress to declare war on ISIS (err ISIL err IS, or whatever they want to be called on this given day) this morning.

Problem is, this so called declaration is only for ground troops in Search and Rescue missions.

IS has an abundance of enemies from the terror cell Hezbollah (who is funded by Iran), Syria, the Syrian Rebel Forces, Iraq, Jordan, and the UAE. (United Arab Emirates).

IS been a brutal terrorist organization that has conquered land, stole arms from from the enemies (that happened to be American produced arms), and brutally murdered anyone that they has captured.

President is really in a lose-lose situation in dealing with IS:

Doing nothing could equal to this group increasing their terror and conquering even more territory, thus potentially being able to target the United States homeland. Doing things half-assed equals to putting American lives in danger and ultimately losing. Going in with a full out assault totally destroying everything in site could potentially backfire on the home-front due to the American population sick of being in war.

Here’s the the million-dollar question, would the American populous, and the world for that matter, stomach what it would take to defeat IS?

A war against IS is not a war against Muslims, it would be against an extremist and perverted form of Islam. My other question is: how do you defeated this ideology within the Muslim world?

I don’t know the answer to this problem; however, one solution may be totally eradicating it from the Muslim population.

Unfortunately, this kind of assault on an ideology is genocide, thus would be considered war crimes in the civilized world. But that is what it’s going to take to destroy IS and potentially prevent future groups like an IS from gaining this kind of power. The US would need to come in full force and publicly show the images of IS members being eliminated.

On top of facing the reality of needing to destroy IS is the fact that our troops will be standing side by side with Syria, the Syrian Rebel Forces, and Hezbollah (you know, the same Hezbollah that sends Rockets into Israel every other month).

Perhaps there’s some other solution………………….. hmmmmmm…………………………….

Did I mention that Hezbollah is funded by Iran, and that Iran is an enemy of IS?

Perhaps a “False Flag” is in order!!! (you know, what those conspiracy nuts take to the extreme)

Framing IS for the murder of an Iranian solder makes a ton of sense to me. Think about it. This would allow to handle our dirty work for us and “keep our hands clean” of any war crimes Iran may commit against IS. On top of that, our enemies would be destroying each other without needing the United States to fire a single shot. While we’re talking about False Flags, why not frame IS for the murder of someone from Turkey and have the entire Muslim world against IS.

OK, yes, President Obama will not stoop to the levels needed to eliminate IS. And that’s ultimately why I’m against any action taken against IS by American forces.


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