4-Quarters is Great, But It’s Not Enough

I can understand how people would instantly assume I’m going to be taking shots at the Pitt students here. Yeah, it was great that they showed up in nice numbers, waved towels, and actually stayed the whole game.

But that’s not enough for a distinct home field advantage.

What about towels for all of the fans in attendance? Are these rally towels going to be a one-off thing that everyone forgets about come the North Carolina game on October the 29th at 8PM?

I see fan bases across the SEC, B1G, and even the ACC waving some plastic thing, and it creates a wild scene. Then I look to our North Shore neighbors, and I’m like if there’s a tradition that Pitt can borrow/steal, why not steal the towel waving tradition of the Steelers.

Almost all fan traditions are borrowed from another fan base. “Sweet Caroline” was borrowed from the Boston Red Sox.

From a revenue standpoint, why not give away rally towels, and then sell the towels as another revenue stream. Then in the off-season have members of the Panthers Pit name the towels.

Football is a sport that requires a ton of fan interaction and rowdiness. Football isn’t a ballet.

The football team is stepping up, and the students are starting to do their part. It’s really time for the alumni to be loud and proud, from the opening kickoff until the last play of the 4th Quarter.

Waving towels, like Steelers fans, isn’t totally the answer.

But it’s a step in the right direction.


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