Fan Revolt: The Ultimate Pitting


Ever since it was reported that former Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings was extended an offer, the Pitt Panther fan base erupted like a Yellowstone supervolcanic eruption, and rightfully so.

In 17 seasons at Vanderbilt, he amassed an overall record of 332-220 with a 138-142 record in a subpar SEC. Plus, in those 17 seasons, he only developed two NBA players.

His best season was the 2011/12 season when Vanderbilt went 25-11 (10-6) winning the SEC regular season title and the conference tournament and only reaching the round of 32.

And it gets worse, his teams only reached the Sweet 16 twice, and regularly got bounced in the first three rounds.

Let’s go a step further, when AD Scott Barnes stated that he was a more fan friendly style of play and a high character guy, Stallings is everything but that. His offensive style is even more bland than Dixon’s, plus he was taped threatening to kill a player during a handshake line.

The vitriol aimed at Barnes and Stallings’ direction is certainly warranted, and it’s not only fans claiming that this is a terrible (potential) hire, local and national media are chiming in.

It’s gotten to the point that Pitt fans would rather see assistant coach, and former player, Brandon Knight get hired (whom Pitt fans wanted no parts of 24 hours ago due to his inexperience).

Perhaps this is only a knee-jerk reaction, but fans are revolting and threatening to not purchase season tickets. Money is the lifeblood of any collegiate program; therefore, hopefully Barnes is listening to the people screaming with pitchforks and having their tar & feathers ready.

The only adjective I can thing of for this situation is “ugly!”

Ugly it is!