WWE Desperately Needs Competition


Just imaging 1990’s WCW and picture Stunning Steven Austin not having a viable alternative to WCW.

Now imagine 1980’s wrestling and all of the major stars, like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Randy Savage, and Nick Bockwinkle, all in the same company with no alternative, and I didn’t even mention the up-and-coming stars like Jerry Lawler, Magnam TA, Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Lex Luger, Roddy Piper, the Von Erichs,Curt Henning (Mr. Perfect), and Ric Rude.

Many wrestlers, especially in the second list, would’ve gotten lost in the shuffle, and many others would’ve never gotten their careers to the peak that it did.

The 1980’s had WWF; NWA, and their individual territories; and the AWA as the places for wrestlers to go as alternatives to their current situation. If someone like Lex Luger would’ve failed in the AWA, he could’ve went to NWA Mid-Atlantic and thrive.

Now, let’s examine today’s state of wrestling in the United States:

It’s pretty much the WWE, and that’s it.

Sure there’s TNA and ROH, but neither garner close to the amount of money and viewership as the WWE, and is perceived as a step-down if a wrestler, from the WWE, ends up in one of those two promotions.

If Steve Austin failed in today’s WWE, he would’ve likely ended up in one of the independent indie promotions, his career would never skyrocket to superstardom, even if his gimmick had a tremendous change that changed the game in TNA or ROH, he would’ve likely been brought back to the WWE, and got lost in the shuffle.

That’s exactly what’s happening to wrestlers in today’s WWE.

A viable alternative wouldn’t guarantee Cody Rhodes, Sheamus, Cesaro, Wade Barrett, and Alberto Del Rio success, but different writers- with a different vision- could at least have a chance to reinvent themselves.

A viable alternative could also prevent wrestlers from the need to go to Japan to get themselves a following, like a Kenny Omega.

Then let’s examine NXT:

It has a roster consisting of viable names like Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, Nakamura, and so on.

Just these slew of names alone combined with names like Kurt Angle and Adam Pearce (from ROH) plus the Hardy brothers could potentially be a roster deep enough to jump start a company to compete with the WWE from a talent standpoint. It’s just lacking a star from the WWE to give it credibility, such as a Randy Orton (whom also has had some misuse over the past few years).

The average professional sport (NFL, NBA or MLB) doesn’t have a true competitor, but what it does have is nearly thirty or more teams for players to bounce from, if they’re feeling misused or paid enough, so why can’t wrestlers have that same luxury.

Competition is a great thing. It forces each other to produce better products for their fans to watch. The WWE desperately needs it, due to it’s stale state, as well as individual wrestlers that are getting lost in the shuffle.






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